Installation specialist Laservision was commissioned to create the ultimate residential home cinema in a new-build property. When the word 'fun' was thrown into the equation, the company decided to make an entertainment haven for the whole family complete with karaoke. Craig Evans finds how the home theatre hit the high notes with its users....
Traditionally, Laservision could be conceived as a strange company to be creating in-home cinema systems, with a background of entertainmentlighting having brought the company to the top of the industry.

But its 2008 Salisbury residential install was a refresing viewpoint on the home cinema market, where the company got to exercise its creativity. As a new build property, integrating the entire room and adding exciting new technology was made easy, with the install costing under £100,000.

The brief put to Laservision was to design a home cinema room that was a 'fun party area' for the family and it delivered precision planning to execute such an experience. With the Apple Ipod being the centre of most improptu parties, the company felt it important to incorporate two Onkyo docks to play through the speakers.

On top of this a Playstation 3, which was linked up to an InFocus 777 projector and Lexicon MC-12 V.5 HD core cinema system with TR10 DVD from the same manufacturer was added. This was displayed beautifully on a Projecta VariVision electrically controlled screen.

But in order to create a truly stunning install it was important to look outside the box, a little further beyond the standard party equipment and before long the idea of incorporating a karaoke system was floated.

By building a PC based system with controls that command the rest of the install, it became the focal point of the room allowing two singers to duet at the same time, choosing from a library of over 3000 songs. With internet access, other songs and videos can be streamed at any point as well.

A Philips Pronto integratingg system controls the install with a simple system ON/OFF home page, which will change all elements of the room respectively: including macros for light dimming via RAKO dimmers and lowering or raising the concealed projector screen. The client can then easily select what they want to do from a sub-menu flicking between DVD, Playstation3 or use of the karaoke.
For an entertainment-based install where music was such a focus,it was important to comlement this equipment with the best possible satellite speakers to suit the room. This was achieved through a pair of Definitive Technologies Mythos one tower-speakers, a Mythos Three centre channel, two Supercube One subwoofers and four SpeakerCraft AIM8 Three In-Ceiling Speakers.

Laservision worked closely with interior designer Audrey Carden who included dark coloured material for the walls to improve contrast and aid the acoustics complementing the RAKO lighting for more interesting and varied effects
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